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Our History

Our History

We are very proud to provide high level stocktaking services based on a heritage dating back to the 1970s.

W H Irwin (Bill) was a successful retail pharmacist but he had been unhappy with the level and accuracy of the stocktakes that had been carried out for him in the years before he retired. He felt they were guesstimates rather than accurate reflections of the actual value.

Once retired in the late 1970s, he became very bored and decided to start stocktaking in a small way using the PLOF (price list order form) provided by the local pharmacy wholesaler Thos McMullan, later Sangers.  

This blank PLOF included cost prices and was a handy way of accurately listing the dispensary stock, and the cost was easily totalled. Local pharmacists were delighted with their W H Irwin stocktakes and the business grew dramatically.

A young Gareth James met Bill’s daughter Anne, and they helped him out at weekends. Gareth and Anne married and Gareth came into the business full-time. About this time computers became much more available and they started to use them as much as possible.  Gareth’s first portable computer came with its own rucksack!  Smaller computers – Epsons – then became available and made the listing of the cosmetics and toiletries very much easier and faster but the emphasis always being on accuracy and counting and valuing stock by item.

1984 – 2009
Bill died in 1984, and Gareth took the business forward and established Vincent James Associates, later to become James & Co. in 2009

He continued to develop the IT side and was a front runner in developing stocktaking systems.  He preferred pharmacy but disliked counting bar stocks but was prepared to take on anything in between.

Gareth went on to successfully look after a huge number of retail and pharmaceutical clients throughout Ireland.  His services were delivered with huge commitment and professionalism combined with his good humour, a smile and a unique outlook on life.

Following Gareth’s sudden and untimely passing in 2022, Anne invited Gareth’s very good friend Richard Tuyrrell, to take over the baton. 

Richard’s company, Abacus Valuers, is based in Cornwall England and for over 30 years Gareth and Richard worked closely together creating many stocktaking software solutions and systems.  They also collaborated to carry out many thousands of stocktakes for a variety of major companies.

The invaluable James & Co Belfast team have now transferred to our new company, James & Co Stocktakers Ltd. Many of them have been conducting stocktakes throughout Ireland since the late 1980s. They have a huge amount of experience and local knowledge plus a massive commitment to customer service. 

Between our James & Co team and our trusted business partners we are delighted to offer our stocktaking services across the Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Germany as well as here in Northern Ireland. We have a great team and our sights are now set firmly on the future but we will always be incredibly proud of our heritage.